Saturday, November 6, 2010

Speckled Sea Trout: The Paper Mouth!

Specks are a very fun fish to catch and tasty to eat, but their fragile jaws and skin around their mouth can make them very difficult to land. If you have your drag set too tight you can tear the skin around their mouths or possibly break their jaws. So the best way to go about catching specks is to loosen the drag a bit, you shouldn't need more then about 2-4 pounds of force to pull line from the spool. The trick is reeling fast to keep the line snug while the fish is hooked, don't give the speckled trout any slack or the hook will slip right out its' mouth. Try not to set your hook too hard, usually specks are such an excitable almost spastic fish that they hook themselves. All you really need to do is just keep the rod tip high and the line snug.

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